Chef Shaun Kenworthy

“I’ve been involved and working with IAM now for what is over 14 years. Holding lectures, taking practical classes and involvement in most of their food festivals. Over the years where ive seen many of the Student grow and aspire. IAM has an incredible history and has produced many front runners and Hospitality leaders for over a generation, lead by Maitreyee and her team and will always be with them to continue to mentor the next generation.”

Ms. Sujata Sen

“This is one of the most successful India – UK Education Joint Venture in our country. Both the Institutions has a good understanding of the internationalization of higher education and the benefits it can reap to our students and the economies of the respective countries”

Keith Edgar

“One of the highest demand hospitality careers at the moment are those specializing in wines. India has no of the highest % increase in wine consumption and experience a shortage of qualified people with knowledge and experience to work in this field”

Afzal Ishaque

“I may not remember the books taught to us. But what I will always remember is that I had the best opportunity to learn and grow as a professional and as a good human being under the tutelage of IAM. It made me a complete person and made a resilient character out of me. An experience I’ll cherish dearly….
Thank you IAM for setting us free and giving us the wings to fly…”

Sahil Aroa

“Studying at IAM gives you an insight to the industry and its an experience in itself to be part of the prestigious college”

Tulika Ghosh Raha

“Hats off to the training, guidance education, support and every aspect of success that IAM and its faculties have provided me, with. it’s only through and from the roots – developed at IAM, that I’ve managed to reach and climb, each progressive year in hospitality. Always will cherish the years spent at IAM and the productive inputs that I received from IAM.Thanks a ton, again & again & again.”

Ayush Anand Agarwal

“1sy july 2005, first step towards the renowned industry of hospitality and service. A day which changed my life and the way to look at the world. Where the perfection became the most important goal of my life along with pleasing people in the best possible way. A course which converted me from a school going boy to a successful professional.
In nutshell a journey which leaded me to achieve great career, lifelong friends, unforgettable memories, experience of the master of the trades and achievement on which my parent may feel on proud of..
Thanks a lot Institute of Advanced Management Kolkata, it’s a journey which has just began and more milestones to cross…..”